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The way in which Tradky™ Software handles descriptive data in virtual environments in 3 dimensions allows associating the necessary information for each element of a stand. That information is also organized by Tradky™ Software into Web pages readable on the Internet by the search engines like Google™, MSN™ or Yahoo!™. This property offers to the Virtual Fairs mounted with Tradky™ the possibility of being promoted and optimized with SEO techniques to improve its visibility on the network.


Stands and spaces of the exhibitors at the Tradky™ Software Virtual Fairs can be exported to the Web pages of customers automatically and incorporated the 3D elements to the Web of the Exhibitor or to another Virtual Fair where he/she wants to participate.

This property optimizes assembly charges for both exhibitors and organizers of the fair and it gives an automatic new feature to the image investment that takes place in the Fairs.



The Virtual Trade Shows mounted with Tradky™ Software can be created and modified through a simple Internet connection using intuitive and easy to handle interfaces. Thus exhibitors may change the exhibited products at their willingness and launch new products without waiting for the completion of the Real Fairs.


Feria Virtual



The system for creating Tradky™ Software 3D virtual environments allows reproducing accurately the corporate image of any company because of its flexibility in the editing of the spaces and stands where the products are exposed.

With more than 40 models of stands to choose and with the possibility of introducing in the system the design of a stand geometrically customized if the company so requires, Tradky™ Software adapts to any need that might have an exhibitor.



The trade is based on interaction and Tradky™ Software has the tools to make it happen.

On the one hand exhibitors and visitors can talk through the chat windows within the virtual environment in 3d, which has powerful tools to instantly create conference rooms in which to bring together clients and friends.

On the other hand, elements of the stands are connected either to the documents on which the information is stored or to associated URLs in which the details of the products and catalogues are very clearly shown to prospective customers.


3D Navigability

Within the virtual environments created by Tradky™ Software users can navigate either with the keys on the keyboard or using the virtual navigation system exclusive of Tradky™.
Tradky™ Software allows up to 10 degrees of movement inside giving the visitor an unmatched sense of realism.



A product for professionals

Tradky™ Software is available only for organizing Fairs companies and marketing firms interested in developing virtual streets, shopping centers and any kind of virtual environment in which trade relations and the image with which the information is shown are the priority objective.


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